Thursday, June 30, 2011

KOISHIWARA YAKI (小石原焼き)-Ceramics of Fukuoka Prefecture

This covered dish has "chatter marks" which is common in the pottery of Koishiwara and Onta in Kyushu. Being individually handmade, each piece although similar, is unique in its own way.  The potters take pride in making pottery for daily use, not to just be an ornament to look at. I tried to take a picture of the mark but it is very light.  From what I can make of it it appears to be made at the Maruwagama.

To the left is the Koishiwara mark.  To the right is the kiln mark which I think is the "Maruwa" mark which is a circle (maru) with the "Wa" character inside.

        Marudai MARK

         Marudai MARK

       Maruwa MARK

Cups made for sale after the devastating floods that wiped out most of the town in Koishiwara.


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  1. I have a set of what I think are Blue and White Japanware dishes. The plates and bowls are square and the designs vary in mapleleaf,chrysanthemum, dragonflies and fishhooks. The bottom mark is a squiggle that looks something like pigtail with a number 2 just above. I would love to know who the manufacturer is and if they are still in business. My e-mail address is Thank you Charles Austin


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