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SEIJI KAISHA-Antique Porcelain of Arita 1879~1897

This company was short lived, but was established by former Koransha associates Fukami, Fukagawa, Tezuka, and Tsuji.  See Imari, Satsuma and Other Japanese Export Ceramics by Nancy N. Schiffer (1997). Also: www.imari.com/meiji4.html


*According to Gotheborg.com, this company continued until about 1897. I will check out for more information on this company.

"Seiji Kaisha (1879 - 1890)

In 1879, Fukaumi Suminosuke, Tezuka Kinosuke, and Tsuji Katsuzo left the Koransha Company where they were partners with Eizaemon Fukagawa, and joined Tokyo potter Kawahara Chujiro to start the Seiji Kaisha Company (Company of Pure Water). Like the Koransha Company, the Seiji Kaisha Company received commissions to provide porcelain for Imperial court and the Ministry of the imperial Household.

For nearly ten years Seiji Kaisha’s excellent craftsman created porcelain wares that, with the exception of Koransha and Fukagawa, had no serious competitors anywhere. In addition to other accomplishments, a gold medal was awarded to the Seiji Kaisha for a piece that was exhibited in Amsterdam in 1883.

Following the deaths of Kawahara and Tezuka in 1888 and 1889, and the inability to find people who could operate the new machines needed to modernize their production methods, the Seiji Kaisha Company closed in 1890.

This information can be found in Gisela Jahn's book, Meiji Ceramics."

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