Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Otagiri Mercantile Company OMC

The This company was in business from 1954-1994. It was bought out by Enesco in 1994. Registered in NYC and San Francisco. Recognized by its gold diamond shaped sticker  with OMC.

Otagiri imported wares from many Japanese kilns/companies. Most were marked with an OMC sticker. However some were produced especially for Otagiri and have an incised mark or a transfer mark with Otagiri. These appear to have been made around the mid 1970's to mid 1980's. 

Imports from Japanese Kilns/companies include:

Kozangama (Mino)


Kenzan Gama 謙山窯 (Mino)

 Gold Imari (Nagoya)

Meito 明陶

Kutani 九谷

Seihogama 正峰窯

Soma Ware

Tetsusaburo Gama 哲三郎窯 (ARITA)


Shibata Toki 柴田陶器 

The Handcrafted Otagiri Original sticker/mark file date Dec 5, 1977~

Incised and transfer marks


  1. Thank you so Much! This was very helpful!

  2. I am unable to find what I have online anywhere it has gold omc japan sticker on bottom it's 4 piece I know nothing about.

    1. Otagiri Imported a lot and many without marks. They would buy in bulk so somewhere out there is a twin. Not everything ever made has made it on line. You might check the made in Japan series by white.


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