Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fakes, Forgeries or Reproductions

Though not as common as in Chinese ceramics, there are fake Imari wares made. Some imitations of great potters have also been made. Most of these would be considered reproductions or wares made in the style of an admired potter like Ogata Kenzan, Nonomura Ninsei and others. There are, however, a rising number of forgeries being made of Old Imari porcelains and such. Listed below are some links that help explain how to identify the fakes.

There are many Kutani reproductions made. Some people may try to pass off reproductions as originals.

Kutani still makes ceramics in the old styles like Yoshidaya. It is called "Yoshidaya Fu". This means in the style of Yoshidaya. Marks are also reproduced.
One must look at several factors in determining reproductions, age, etc.

Noritake and Nippon ware imitations

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