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KARATSU YAKI (唐津焼き)-Ceramics of Saga Prefecture

Types of Karatsu Ware

E-garatsu (picture Karatsu)
Madara (speckled)
Ao Karatsu (blue)
Ki Karatsu (yellow)
Kuro (black ) 
Chosen (Korean style)
Hori Karatsu (carved)

Generic Karatsu Mark (からつ)

This is Kuro Karatsu or Black Karatsu ware, Nakazato Tarouemon-gama

Pair of Yunomi by Nakazato Tarouemon 14 Gama

This is the Nakazato Tarouemon MARK

Nakazato Tarouemon kiln 14 Kiln papers


E-garatsu dipping dishes

E-garatsu tumbler

We visited a wonderful shop just north of Karatsu station called Homura. The link for the store, although only in Japanese, is:  The sales staff were friendly and informative.  I never knew there were so many types of Karatsu ware. The store carries wares from 35 kilns in the Karatsu area.

E-garatsu tea bowl, Ryuufukuji-gama

Ryuufukuji-gama papers

E-garatsu guinomi sake cup, Hinata-gama

I love this one! This is by Hirayama Kenji of Nakanotsuji Gama

There are many styles of Karatsu-yaki
E-garatsu, Madara-garatsu, Chozen-garatsu, Mishima-garatsu, Kuro-garatsu, Ao-garatsu, Hori-garatsu, Mugi-garatsu, Hakeme-garatsu, Jakatsu-garatsu, Okugori-garatsu, seto-garatsu.


  1. Hello - I traveled to Karatsu a few years ago, from the USA. While in Japan, I had the opportunity to buy a special gift for my wife, Hori Karatsu bowl.

    Unfortunately, we had an accident with the bowl today and it is broken. I am wondering, if someone is able to assist in identifying the craftsman, and if a similar large bowl is available. I have pictures of the pattern, and the craftman's stamp.

    Paul B.

    1. Please send me a picture of the piece and the box, if it has one. Do not throw it away. It can be repaired with Kintsugi which is quite a revered technique. My email is off on the side bar.


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