Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TOBE YAKI (砥部焼き)-Ceramics of Ehime Prefecture

Tobeyaki is the pottery of Ehime Prefecture. It is a white porcelain usually with indigo blue design.  It oft times has a bit of red incorporated in the design as well. It was founded in 1777. There are over 90 kilns in the Tobe area.
I recently found out about a less known Tobe ware. It has a carved out design, a 3D relief on the side.  It appears that there was a time when this style was popular in various regions of Japan. I will keep my eye out to try to find a piece to share.

This was made at least 30 years ago.  There is no artist mark.

Tobe Shuzan

Probably Kenzan-gama MARK

   This this is the Baizan Gama MARK

Tobe Yaki Namiroku Gama 砥部焼 波六窯

A helpful link in Japanese for the Tobe Kilns:

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