Monday, February 25, 2013

TSUBOYA YAKI (壺屋焼き) and KOSA YAKI (胡差焼)-Ceramics ofOkinawaPrefecture

Tsuboya-yaki is the traditional pottery of Okinawa. It is also refered to as Yachimun (やちむん). The most common motif is probably the carved fish.  A friend of mine gave me a lovely Danchi-bin with the popular fish design on it. Kosa Yaki is made in Okinawa and is very similar. Depending on which town it is made in will determine what label is used.

   Shisa, typical tourist ware from Okinawa

Small sake cup by the son of LNT Kinjo Jiro. His name is 金城敏昭, but need to find the correct reading for his name. It is mostly likely Kinjo Toshiaki.

This is Kosa Yaki (胡差焼)

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