Monday, September 23, 2013

SHIGARAKI YAKI (信楽焼き )-Ceramics of Shiga Prefecture

Shigaraki-yaki is pottery of Shiga Prefecture. Shigaraki is one of the six old Japanese kilns. 

Takahashi Rakusai

Tanikangama-This kiln began around 1870. We enjoyed our visit at Tanikangama and Mr. Tanii was very welcoming. The showroom included samples of both 2nd Tanikangama (Shinzan) and and 3rd Tanikangama (Hozan).  

Vase made by Shinzan, 2nd generation Tanikangama

Shinzan MARK

Tanii Hozan MARK

Small bowl made by Tanii Hozan, 3rd generation Tanikangama

Ogawa Kenzo Tobo (小川顕三 )

I enjoyed a visit to Mr. Ogawa's Kiln along with some friends who were visiting Japan. He was very kind to show us through the kiln. He is a famous Shigaraki potter.

A guinomi (sake cup) by Ogawa Kenzo

Ogawa Kenzo MARK

Marujyugama (丸十窯 )-This kiln began in 1937

Large Vase by Marujyugama

Box for Vase. The kanji for the kiln is to the far left, meaning circle ten kiln.

Sansai (三彩  )-

Large bulb vase by Sansai

Sansai MARK

Generic Shigaraki Marks-

Shigaraki tea bowl

Shigaraki MARK

Large vase with Dragon or snake design

Shigarakigama box for Dragon Vase



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