Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beware and Do Your Homework!

I want to post a warning about many of the claims on auction sites. Often as I am browsing, I am flabbergasted at the claims made concerning Japanese ceramics. The errors I find most often are claiming things as antique when they are not,  labeling as Satsuma when they are not, or other incorrect labeling, and a pet peeve, labeling Mino ware by Kozangama as Arita Kozanyo or Kasan. A recent one on Etsy claims a listing is a rare antique Satsuma tea set, but it appears to be an imitation of Ogata Kenzan's work (with a very lame signature). I don't think Kenzan was making western tea sets.
So, please do your homework and do not believe everything you read. Check out other sources before you take the leap and buy something off an auction site. 


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