Tuesday, November 4, 2014

AWARA YAKI (あわら焼 or芦原焼 )-Ceramics of Fukui Prefecture

 Awara yaki is made in Awara city. It originated in the Taisho period and has a characteristic crimson glaze. This style of pottery falls under the Echizen umbrella.

                                                    Sake cup with Awara (あわら) MARK


  1. Your blog has some beautiful examples of Japanese porcelain. I'm enjoying looking through the entries.

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me identify a mark. My mother bought this piece (it looks like painted porcelain to me) yesterday and she would love to know the maker. Is there a way to interpret the signature mark?


    Thank you in advance!

    1. The bowl your mother got is sold by Sanyo Toki of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. This company sells several brands which includes the one your mother bought. I believe the reading is Chikusai. This brand is sold in many nice department stores in Japan.

    2. I do not know if this is a repeat of what I just asked, but I was extending my gratitude for your wonderful blog. I was also checking to see if you had any donation options. I am grateful for some of the insight I gained from your blog, and I would like to support what you do. Please let me know if there is an option to do that.
      Kindest regards,

    3. I am glad you have been helped by my blog. No donations, but thank you for your thoughtfulness.
      You might have interest in joining the Collecting Japanese Ceramics group on Facebook. They have a very active group there.


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