Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The "Emon's" of Arita (エ門/衛門)


Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu are known for their ceramics. Many have come to fall under the Arita umbrella of ceramic wares.  Among these many styles of ceramics one will find all sorts of potter names/ and or kilns ending with "emon". It can be quite confusing to both Japanese and foreigners alike.

I will attempt to sort some of them out. *Arita, +Imari, #Hasami, ^Mikawachi/Hirado

The Big Three
*Genemon 源右衛門

*Imaemon 今右衛門

*Kakiemon 柿右衛門

Kakiemon XIII


Eizaemon (Fukagawa- founder of Koransha)
*Fukuemon 福右衛門 
*Fumiemon ? 文右エ門
*Kazan ? Kazuemon 華山萬右衛門
*Kin'emon Toen 金右エ門陶苑
*Koemon 幸右エ門
+Kokuemon 国右エ門
*Nishiyama Tokuemon 西山徳右エ門
*Shouemon 勝右エ門
*Shoemon 松右エ門

Shunemon 俊右衛門 (Okugawa Shunemon)

+Tohemon 藤右衛門
*Tomiemon 富右エ門
*Yazaemon 弥右衛門

Additional notes of Interest:
Koransha was established by another "emon", 8th Fukagawa Eizaemon in 1879.

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