Tuesday, September 15, 2015

IGEZARA-The pie crust plates

Igezara are thickly potted transferware plates, usually with a brown pie crust rim. These were made in the Meiji through the early Showa period. The name is derived from a dialect in Saga Prefecture meaning thorn plates. These were made for the common people for everyday ware. Many are unmarked but there are some makers who did mark their wares.

So far I have found these marks used on Igezara

Iwa mark 岩
Ken mark 謙
Koransha mark コオラン
Kushiyama mark 串山 
Shiroiwa 城岩
Tomi or Yutaka mark 豊
Uwataki mark 上瀧
Yamatoku 山徳

There are various common motifs. 

This Igezara has the book shape forming a window or canvas for the decoration with the bamboo motif in the background. Inside the book shape are moon, plum blossoms, peony and a rock. It is 31cm in diameter. 

                                      No mark   Dates circa early 1900's

It appears that most Igezara were made during the late Meiji through Taisho period. 

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