Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Eiwa Kinsei (栄和謹製)

Eiwa Kinsei is generally export porcelain. It appears to have been exported between the mid to late 1950's-1980's. There are black and gold marks which date to the 50's (on lithophane geisha), a blue square mark which seems to have been used around the same time as the black and gold mark, rare red square mark in bone script probably used in the 1960's, and then most widely seen red mark with block script which is from the 1970's on.

This mark is from the mid to late 1950's 

        This is the Eiwa Kinsei mark with the "Ei" in bone script. My feeling
                 is that this may have been used in the 1960's

This mark was used during the 1970's~

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  1. Hi I don't know if you have a specific spot for questions like these if you do I apologize I'm not really familiar with how to work blogspot but I was wondering if you were at all familiar with these markings?

    I have literally viewed multiple sites and couldn't find anything. If you know anything about any of them that would be greatly appreciated.


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