Friday, August 19, 2016

Yamatoku with additional decorator marks

I am researching Yamatoku marked plates that include additional markings. Did Yamatoku make  blanks that were then decorated by others?

Hizen Arita  decorated
The Yamatoku ヤマトク mark is off to the left side combined with the red Hizen/Arita mark

Tetsuka decorated

The Yamatoku ヤマトク mark is at the top with the red 
Tetsuka テツカ mark (up side down) on the bottom. 

Tetsuka or Tezuka is often found with the Yamatoku impressed mark

Here is an example of a Taisho era blue mark with Yamatoku impressed mark

A Matsu mark with a roof meaning house of Matsu. The decorator?

 This mark is sometimes found on Yamatoku pieces.

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