Thursday, January 11, 2018

ONTA YAKI-(小鹿田焼) Ceramics of Oita Prefecture

Nestled in the mountains near Hita city is a little pottery hamlet called Onta Sarayama .  This is where Onta Yaki is made. It was an unknown craft until the 1920's when Yanagi Soetsu visited at the beginning of the Mingei movement. It is now one of the great places to see Japanese folk pottery. There are ten families that work the kilns there. All the work is done without modern machinery. The father hands down his skills to his son. Each kiln is allowed only two wheels. This enables future generations to have enough clay to continue on making Onta pottery. I enjoyed my visit to Onta Sarayama, enjoying the simple, natural ways that still remain. 
Onta potters do not mark their work with anything but 小鹿田 (Onta).  

Map of the Onta Kilns

I believe this was made by Kuroki Tomio, the style and Onta mark match

Sakamoto Yoshitaka Gama 

This is a large plate! No marks.

No marks

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