Monday, November 4, 2013

ICHINOSE YAKI (一の瀨焼き)-Ceramics of Fukuoka Prefecture

ICHINOSE pottery has a history of almost four hundred years. It dates back to the time when Toyotomi's forces brought Korean potters to Japan to establish pottery kilns. During the Meiji period this pottery died out but was restored in 1959. There are now six kilns in the Asada district of Ukiha town, Fukuoka Prefecture. They are Maruta gama (丸田窯), Tanaka gama (田中窯), Nagamatsu gama (永松窯), Tousyuu-en (陶秀苑 ), Unsui-gama ??(雲水窯) and Akarui-gama???(明窯).  The last two readings I am unsure of.

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