Sunday, November 3, 2013

Zansetsu 残雪 "Lingering snow"

Zansetsu, which means lingering snow,  is beautiful glazed Mino ware. It resembles the last patches of snow on the ground as spring approaches. The rusty red, the black and white drizzles bring to life the sense that spring is indeed on its way after a cold dark winter.

Although I have not seen this exact tea bowl labeled with the potter's name, I have seen many others who label this MARK as the work of Mino Potter Kato Eichi (加藤英一).  I will update if more information becomes available.

*Eichi Kato uses the potter name of Shozan (正山). Some sites record him as a Seto potter but most list him under Mino Pottery. Keep in mind that these locations are very close to each other and the styles of pottery in this general area overlap into the basic styles of Shino, Ki-Seto, Oribe and Kuro-Seto.

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