Thursday, July 14, 2016

Making Marriages With Orphaned Ceramics

Oops! Sometimes a piece of chinaware breaks, or we see sometimes orphaned pieces at a thrift store. It is possible to make things "work" using similar patterns, shapes, styles, eras and such. It really can be a bit of a game. I will be posting some "marriages" that bring these orphans together so they can still be useful.

I found the cup in Japan and this saucer at a thrift store  in the USA. The saucers is Regal China, made in Occupied Japan. The cup is marked Matsuhara, which I have not really been able to find out anything about. The styles fit although they are over a decade or so apart. The colors are not perfect but they seem happy together. 

I found these two orphans at different times at my favorite thrift/charity shop. 
The era, scale, style and pattern are similar enough that they make a pleasing marriage. 


  1. Do you have a drop address I can send images?

    1. You may send images to:


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