Thursday, July 14, 2016


Sumida Yaki is famous for its bright, humorous and sometimes odd motifs. It is called Sumida Gawa Yaki by many because the workshops were by the Sumida River in Tokyo. In Japanese it is just called Sumida Yaki. 
Probably the most prolific and famous potter in Inoue Ryousai. He worked closely with other noted artists including Ishiguro Koko.

This mark is that of Ishiguro Koko (石黒香香) who used bone script 香二 for his mark. The 二 is the iteration mark used in old Chinese (for repeating a character). Ishiguro Koko's name is written three ways that I know of.
(石黒) 香香 , (石黒) 香二, (石黒)香々

Hara Gozan

Inoue Ryosai

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