Saturday, May 21, 2011

ASAHI YAKI (朝日焼き)-Ceramics of Kyoto Prefecture

Asahi yaki is one of the seven kinds of pottery favored by the great Kobori Enshu, tea master, architect and garden designer.

Tea cups with hanshi  technique
Matsubayashi Hosai 14th (1921-2004)

Asahi MARK

It is Kyoto based (Uji city, famous for green tea) but does not fit into the Kyoyaki or Kiyomizuyaki catagory.  It is a style of its own.  When I visited the shop they explained that the clay being used to make pottery right now is a generation old and the clay they are getting now will be used by the grand children!  The main techniques are Gohon or Gohonde, Kase and Hanshi.  The two yunomi above run about 5200 yen per piece.     Link:

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