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MINO YAKI (美濃焼き )-Ceramics of Gifu Prefecture


Kozangama is a house brand of the Maebata China Corporation. According to the book "Visiting the Mino Kilns" by Janet Barriskill pg. 75, the company began in 1945. The  headquarters are,located In Maebata-cho in Tajimi. The factory is located in the Tajimi Mino Pottery Wholesale Center. As of the printing of the book (1995) she identifies three labels: Kozangama with traditional Japanese designs, Kinyu-an with old Japanese designs and Utsuwakan which is western-modern.

                                          *see my separate section labeled Kozangama 


Some of the marks Kozangama has used.


Koubei Gama


Minoyaki medium sized bowl with Hijiri (ひじり) MARK

This is also a Hijiri Gama mark, I assume from the same kiln. Thank you to Carrie Lambert for supplying the mark.


Minoyaki rice bowl Mitsumine (三峰) MARK

Minoyaki is made in the Gifu Prefecture and has been since the 1500's. These samples were bought at Toki. The Mino group covers many different companies and artists. Many pieces from this area are just marked as Mino.  Other Mino pottery will have the name of the company or indvidual artist.


Minoyaki is broken down into four main styles: Shino (including nezumi-shino), Oribe, Ki-seto(yellow) and kuro-seto (black). Then there is the everyday tableware that is also made in the Mino area.




 Shino bowl by Shusen Kiln. (秀泉窯) AKA Shusen Toen 秀泉陶苑

Shino tea cups by Mizuno Moriyama

Moriyama MARK

Shino plates Moriyama (守山) MARK


These yunomi are made by the famous Shino potter Hidetake Ando who was  designated a Gifu Prefecture- Important Prefectural Cultural Property in 2003

Typical "brown bulls eye" MARK (and box) of Hidetake Ando (安籐日出武)

     I have seen this mark attributed to Eichi Kato (Shozan) but have not found sufficient documentation.
                                                       This was love at first sight for me!!



Nezumi-shino tea cups by Shuzan Kiln (秀山窯)


This nezumi shino is made by the Shusen kiln


Ki-zeto is found in both Seto and Mino ware. The styles overlap.

Serving dish by Kawamura Sekizan

Kawamura Sekizan MARK
       I have found Kawamura Sekizan (b.1938 in Seto) grouped with both Mino and Seto ware.

Small "okazu" side dish bowl- Kawamura Sekizan

(Went bankrupt )

Chikusai Kiln? (竹斎) MARK

Chikusai Kiln (竹斎) MARK

Ryuho Kiln (龍峰) MARK

                           Ryuho is a Sanyo Toki brand for Japanese style dinnerware (和食器)

"M" China Mark

                                                              GENERIC-No Mark

                                                        Factory made Mino sake cups


             Unmarked Mino tea pot in the snow. This was purchased in Toki, Gifu prefecture.

Koho or Takamine 




Genshou Gama

Gozan Gama 吾窯

Shunyuen 春雄苑 Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture

Gyokuzan Gama


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