Monday, May 30, 2011

TANBA YAKI (丹波焼き)-Ceramics of Hyogo Prefecture


Chindai-gama mini flower vase

Tanba yaki is made in Hyogo prefecture.  It is also translated as Tambayaki.  You can read a little more about Tanba yaki  at

This was made at Tanman-gama

You can check out the Tanba Yaki kilns map at  It helps to read some Japanese.

Right hand mark is Tanba-yaki, the round mark is the MARK for Sugihara Shouji
                                                                      杉原 彰二
                                                          Sugihara Gama



Tanba-yaki Maruhachi (丸八窯 ) Kiln MARK

I enjoyed a lovely visit to the Tanba Pottery area in Hyogo Prefecture in early March.  We visited the Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo with a display of the works of Ogata Shuhei.  We also visited Chindai Kiln, Noborigama Kiln and also visited the Chiyoichi store and Gallery.

Here are some of my pieces by Shimizu Chiyoichi with his mark. I had looked high and low for quite a long time to find the origin of this mark.  We just happened by the gallery on our visit to Tanba pottery kilns. I was thrilled to not only put the mark with my pieces, but also to meet Mr. Shimizu.




This is known as "teoke" hand bucket

 NOBORI GAMA (のぼり窯 )    


This is one of my favorite vases to put small flowers in. It looks great with a few flowers poking out of the cracks. So "Wabi-Sabi".




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