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KIYOMIZU YAKI (清水焼き) and KYO-YAKI (京焼き)-CeramicsofKyotoPrefecture

I was given this old bowl when I was helping clear out our church kitchen cupboards in Kobe over twenty years ago. It is a large bowl. It has seen better days and I wish I had repaired it better when damaged a decade ago. It is signed Kyosen, which is a famous kiln in Kyoto. It also has a "Kenzan" mark in its decoration. The style is in a Kenzan style which many potters try to emulate.

Born in Seto, Owari district in 1821, moved to Kyoto and established his factory. He died in 1890.
Signed many of his works as Kanzan Sei Sei 幹山精製

This is a small plate,12cm in diameter. It looks quite new but it has the mark of Okamoto Tameji who died in 1958. 


I found this top at a charity shop and bought it for the mark. I seem to collect tops of things.
Nishimura Tokusen is a very famous potter in Kyoto. There are many generations of Tokusen. I am not sure which one this is from. 


The side mark is Miyako Odori (Kyoto spring dance festival)


Tea set from Unrakugama


Update: Sept 2011
I spent the afternoon in Kiyomizuyaki Danshi (a Pottery Village) in Kyoto.  I spent quite a while at Unrakugama and learned a lot from the wife of the master potter there.  The works there are amazing!  She let me take a couple of pictures while browsing.


This is a covered dish with tassel I bought from  Unrakugama

Unrakugama MARK 雲楽窯

New additions to my Unrakugama collection!

These are bowls to match the tea set I have.
I found another great addition to my Unraku-gama Collection!  These are chawan-mushi bowls I believe, but they make great covered tea cups or I find them wonderful for puddings.

I also have a tiny vase with an Unrakugama (雲楽) mark on it. It differs from the usual wares of the kiln, but it is Kiyomizu yaki and I saw several like this in stores in Kyoto

Asami Yoshizo 浅見与し三



Tozan-gama MARK



Mishima style Kiyomizyyaki meoto yunomi

Kiyomizuyaki meoto yunomi  "Kagetsu" MARK


Kyoyaki Tea Bowl by Seian Suzuki

Seian MARK 清安

Kyoyaki Tea Bowl

Rakuzan MARK 楽山



Guinomi (sake cup) by CHIKUZEN

Chikuzen (竹泉)

TANZAN-GAMA 丹山窯 (Uji/Kyoto)

This Guinomi was made by Kotogei Katsuyoshi. He was born in Himeji in Showa 21 (1947) He studied under  Living National Treasure for Mashiko, Shimaoka Tatsuzo and his uncle Miyagawa Kasai (Makuzu Yaki). He established his kiln Tanzan-Gama in Uji, Kyoto in Showa 49 (1975). 


Kiyomizu Yaki Kawashima Kozo (河島浩三) b.1926


There is no kiln mark but it has the Kiyomizu-yaki sticker and papers


Zuiun MARK


Takagi GANKA



This celadon tea bowl Is made by Okamoto Kousha

Top Mark Hayashiyama/Rinzan 林山/Bottom mark Zuiko 瑞光

田中香泉 Tanaka Kosen




Kyosen Gama

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