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TACHIKICHI (たち吉) of Kyoto

Tachikichi is a Kyoto based company that sells pottery and tableware. It was founded in 1752. Its wares are taken from many kilns throughout Japan, highlighting many types of Japanese porcelain and pottery. Tachikichi products are made specifically for them and carry the Tachikichi mark. Sometimes the name of the actual kiln will be on the wooden box, if it comes with one.

This celedon (青磁) kumidashi tea cup is marked Hanasuki (花数寄). It is sold by Tachikichi. 

This "Akae" style is quite a favorite of Tachikichi. They sell many items with this motif. These dishes can be used for salads, simmered vegetables and the like.

This bowl was probably sold as wedding gifts as there are many of this design around. Wedding gifts are a big part of the Tachikichi sales.

                                         Tachikichi Mark on Platter

        Tachikichi Platter with Mishima design

                                                   Ki-seto tea bowl with Gold Tachikichi MARK


I have a number of  "Hyozan-gama" marked pieces sold by Tachikichi. Hyozan-gama is located in Toki City, Gifu prefecture, a form of Mino ware.


Tachikichi  originally was called Tachibana Yachibe but was later changed to Tachikichi.  There are still many pieces labels Tachibana in modern Tachikichi pieces.



  1. I actually just purchased a bowl and platter like the first picture ...pinkish with the gold leaves. I collect Hagi-yaki and it matches well but Im unsure exactly what it is...I know its sold by Tachikichi but is it Kyoto-yaki? With my limited Japanese al I could learn from store is that Its not Hagi ware. Is it simply calledTachikichi-yaki? Thanks

    1. Tachikichi sells many wares under its name. Most are produced esecially for Tachikichi, in larger factories rather than than in small kilns. Although the pinkish hue appears like Hagi,it is not. I have looked high and low in both Japanese and English to find out the actual maker. One site states that it was made in Arita, but unless I can see the actual papers that come with the pottery I am hesitant to say that for sure. If you have the kiln/artist papers that come with it, let me know and I can try to get you the information you want. This particular style was probably made for wedding gifts. As you probably know, when attending a Japanese wedding the guests give money. The wedding couple gives a return gift, usually a nice bowl or something. Tachikichi makes a lot of wares for these wedding gifts. These usually end up in closets until the closets are bursting at the seams! If living in Japan you can get great deals on lovely unused pottery and porcelain for very good prices, if you know where to go.

  2. Hi, I think my first post failed. I do not know any Japanese and have been researching a plate that I came across. It has the same symbol as the one in the 8th picture. Could you tell me more about it? Any info would be wonderful. Thank you!

  3. All of the marks under the the Tachikichi section are versions of the name Tachikichi.


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